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Grey & White Real Cowhide Rug

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Actual Items Pictured

We independently photo every single one of our carpets. This guarantees you know precisely what’s in store when it arrives, and that it will work with your home of course.


  • What you see is what you get
  • We measure each rug
  • Colors have been calibrated

Certified Authentic

Independently confirmed, our shrouds accompany an authentication of validness. This ensures the source, tanning procedure, and who delivered the floor covering.


  • COA Matched to your rug
  • Great for resale value
  • Know for sure

Returns & Exchanges

We need you to adore your new cowhide buy. We have a simple multi-day return or trade period. Try not to cherish it? Send it back!


  • Easy Cowhide Returns
  • Fast Exchanges
  • Buy 2, Return 1 Program

Beginning with only a couple of covers up to sell, we had humble beginnings. We learned through long stretches of venturing to every part of the globe sourcing covers up and testing different tanning strategies. What we found in the wake of looking through many providers was that cowhides are simply not made similarly. From the surface many look extraordinary, however, they have issues not far off. When online came around we began seeing most organizations offering cowhides. They would demonstrate an image of a “most ideal situation”, not the real floor covering you would get.

Our privately-run company was never that educated, yet we realized it would be justified, despite all the trouble to carry our carpet contributions on the web yet with a turn. When you see a floor covering on our site, you will realize that is the accurate carpet you will get. We remain behind our items offering the absolute best return and trade arrangements you’ll discover anyplace on the web. With the mix of our hand chosen, top quality carpets where we look through 1000’s of cowhides to finish up with just 100’s of the best cowhides to offer our darling clients. We need to thank you for going along with us in this voyage and value every single one of you for supporting our privately-run company for more than 25 years.

Albeit numerous cowhides you see around the nation may appear to be identical, a year or two into proprietorship are the place you truly begin to see the distinction in quality in your cowhide. Contrasts in cowhide determination, A or B grade stows away, mistakenly treated leathers, or covers up not tanned sufficiently long. These are for the most part issues you can be looked with that lead to issues, for example, firmness, hair shedding, twisting, and irregularity of sheen. We essentially don’t sell this evaluation of an item as it is a damage to a customer attempting to improve their home.

When we select covers up for tanning we have experienced heaps of 1000’s of covers up to choose just the best 10-15% of covers up. Our tanning procedure is ISO 9001 confirmed which implies we utilize quality administration ventures to create similar outcomes over and again. We have faith in complete straightforwardness from the minute you land to our site, so we let you know precisely what floor covering you will get, where the mat is from, and give an endorsement of genuineness to your new cowhide mat.

Will I get the floor covering that is imagined?

Truly, we exclusively photo every floor covering so you will get precisely what you see on the web.

Imagine a scenario in which I don’t care for the floor covering or it doesn’t accommodate my space.

That isn’t an issue, you have 30 days to return or trade your buy in any way, shape or form.

How would I keep my cowhide clean?

You can routinely vacuum the carpets with no issue. For stains, spills, or creature mishaps, we suggest utilizing a sodden washcloth with some cleanser. Furthermore, you can steam clean your mat on the off chance that you have any significant stains.

How are the sizes estimated?

We measure our cowhides from the two greatest focuses and the two tallest focuses on the floor covering.

Do you transport universally?

Indeed, obviously! We deliver worldwide however extra dispatching rates may apply.

What is the contrast among Brazilian and European covers up?

Brazilian floor coverings will be marginally thicker and have a shinier coat to them through our European line will, in general, have progressively looked for after examples and hues. Both are incredible quality items that we hand select to guarantee you are getting the most ideal item.

Will I be charged deals charge?

Deals expense won’t be charged for requests outside of the province of Florida.

Would I be able to arrange two of similar cowhide rugs?

Cowhides are normally exceptional so we just have one of each. In any case, we would be glad to attempt and discover you a cowhide that best matches what you pick.

To what extent does it take to dispatch?

Requests are by and large sent same day whenever got before 3 pm in spite of the fact that it can take as long as 48 hours for your request to be prepared. Ship times are by and large 2-5 business days relying upon where you are found. We deliver out of Florida.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Service agreement plans are accessible amid checkout and the guarantee would cover you against any stains, tears, or tears that could happen in the more awful case situation.

Since we sell just the best cowhides you will discover on the web or in stores, these covers up can be utilized anyplace in your home or office!

Extraordinary territories around the home or office:

– Cowhide floor coverings enhance the vibe of any room in your home

– Use under an end table

– High traffic regions

– Kids rooms

The majority of our cowhides are upholstery grade for ventures, for example,

– Reupholstering seats with cowhide

– Custom footstools

– Repurposing or upcycling obsolete furnishings

– Wall Panels

– Ceiling Panels

– Custom cowhide room furniture

– Sofa intonations or seating territories